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Transformation Management

What is Transformation Management?

Transformation enables an organisation to make a strategic pivot to compete more effectively, become more capable and efficient in how it operates resources, people, processes, data, technology and infrastructure. 


Transformation in its nature is significant, focus moves to a new vision, involving multiple initiatives all moving at pace. It redefines why an organisation performs activities and what is no longer required, it drives the evolution of beliefs and culture, new ways of working and the relentless pursuit and delivery of benefits. Such changes generate bias and tension within the organisation, hearts and minds are both lost and won, and all this is to be managed while "the aeroplane is flying".


Though temporary, transformation programmes can be lengthy, they expose organisations to considerable risk and typically require experience and skills not contained within an organisation. Transformation programmes require management neutrality, experience and agility to ensure appropriate focus, prioritisation, coordination and management of risk. This is often best serviced through a temporary Transformation Director and Transformation PMO Manager.

The value of a Transformation PMO Manager

An effective PMO should be more than an administrative function. An effective transformation PMO should become a value centre and be a vital part of organisational profitability.


An external Transformation PMO Manager brings focus, skills and experience to mobilise, drive and deliver transformation at pace. Experience to appropriately support the senior leadership team in achieving their vision and the organisation to realise the benefits. The clarity and neutrality to drive a common vision to win hearts and minds across the impacted functions. The skills to ensure quality management and appropriate governance, standards and tools that align with the organisational setting, ensuring common direction, control and drive to deliver the programme.

As the transformation completes, the Transformation PMO Manager will perform a controlled close of the PMO, hand over remaining programme activities and depart the organisation.

Transformation Services Offered: 

Transformation PMO Manager:


Top-down transformation governance addressing the requirements of the Senior Leadership Team. A pragmatic PMO suitable to drive the transformation, win and maintain hearts and minds, and stay on track.

  • Engagement: 

    • Collaborate with the Transformation Director/Spnsor

  • Maturity Assessment: 

    • Understand the SLT vision, requirements, targets and performance metrics, methodologies for the management of benefits, change and programme delivery.

    • Understand existing data, availability and quality, the technology, available metrics and reporting

    • Gap analysis and approach to achieving a pragmatic PMO

  • Set-up Target State and Roadmap: 

    • Set-up Transformation PMO for the organisational setting; define scope, structure, governance processes and templates, performance metrics and parameters, internal status reporting and where required alignment with broader organisational/ external reporting.

    • Sponsor buy-in.

  • Prioritisation and Implementation: 

    • Roll-out prioritisation

    • Integrated planning and critical path management

    • Integrate with the management of change and readiness

  • Management: 

    • Oversight and hands-on management of:

      • Programme road-map

      • Integrated planning, critical path and scenario analysis

      • Delivery performance to agreed metrics e.g. time, cost, quality, change readiness, and benefits

      • Change approach, training and operational readiness

      • Benefits realisation

      • Resource management

    • Management of transformation risk

    • Governance Committee:

      • Design assurance change board and change control

      • Progress reviews, go/ no-go decisions, and close.

    • Advanced services to project managers, mentoring, on the job coaching and sounding board

  • Programme wind-down

    • Handover of inflight activities and benefits to business owners

    • Programme close

Transformation PMO assurance review:


Fit for purpose review of the PMO structure, services and capability.

  • Engagement: 

    • Collaborate with the Transformation Manager or Transformation Director

  • Service Maturity Assessment: 

    • Understand SLT vision, requirements, targets and performance metrics

    • Fit for purpose review of process, documentation and ways of working, interviews and capabilities.

      • Governance and Design Authority overview​

      • Planning, measurement, monitoring and control incl. integrated critical path

      • Reporting and Decision making

      • Time monitoring and cost management

      • Risk and Issue management

      • Resource demand, supply, on-boarding and off-boarding, planning, management incl. lead times

      • Change control

      • Business communications

      • Change readiness and requirements

      • Quality management

    • Service maturity capability analysis and recommendations

600 Consulting Expertise

John Bennett is a Transformation PMO Manager with a structured and pragmatic approach. Experienced in refining methodologies appropriately for each organisation's unique setting and needs.


The experience to operate with ambiguity, uncertainty, and manage complexity. Considerable experience in benefit realisation management. Adept in operating PMO's in a considered and practical manner, engaging with senior leadership, and third parties.​ Focus is on the “how” to deliver outcomes, bring people on the journey to enhance the culture and deliver the benefits. 

At the end of the transformation period, the contract for services is concluded.




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