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Heavyweight Project Management

Project Management

What is Project Management?

A key factor that distinguishes project management from business 'management' where business management is an ongoing process, project management has a final deliverable, a finite timespan, and typically a matrix approach. Therefore a project professional needs a wide range of skills; people, process, technical, and business awareness. 

The value of an external Heavyweight Project Manager

Hiring an external project manager enables a project to temporarily draw on skills not typically in the organisational structure, the project manager is unencumbered by other organisational obligations, their energy and focus are solely on the specifics of project delivery, management of time, budget, risks, resources, management of change, outcomes and the realisation of benefits.

Lightweight vs Heavyweight Project Management

A lightweight project manager is a relatively junior individual whose role is without the authority to make key decisions and may have difficulty preventing resource from being 'borrowed' by other projects. Conversely, a heavyweight project manager (also referred to as programme manager) has the authority to make key decisions and obtain and retain resources, giving priority to the project over the functional division.




Project Management Services Offered:

Services can be provided for either the full or partial lifecycle. This would be subject to the timings of both the project start and the contracted services.



  • Business case, benefits identification and validation, feasibility, initiation documentation

Planning management:​

  • Benefits validation

  • Communications plan

  • L1 Roadmap/ Management plan

  • L2, Major component plan

  • L3, Workstream, integrated work section plan

  • L4, Workstream weekly/ daily deliverables plan

  • Management of delivery risk

Set up:

  • Benefits validation

  • Governance, reporting, stakeholder management

  • Procurement, coordination of associated activities 

  • Resourcing and team mobilisation team

  • 3rd party management


Performance management, monitoring, control:

  • Budget management, benefits management, status reporting, and stakeholder management

  • Business case, delivery plan and stage-end realignment

  • Delivery and plan management

  • Management of change and business readiness

  • Risk management and change control

  • 3rd party management


  • Management of resource off-boarding

  • Team recognition, lessons learned, knowledge handover

  • Transfer of open activities and future benefits

  • Transfer project documentation

600 Consulting Expertise

John Bennett is a heavyweight project management specialist, onboarded to deliver specific one-off strategic projects, either within an existing portfolio structure or reporting directly to the senior leadership team.

Adept at working and communicating between strategic and tactical viewpoints, in complex project environments with significant dependencies on third-party providers. Management of integrated plans, resources, financials and benefits realisation. Oversight of change management and operational readiness for a smooth transition to the new ways of working. 

Quick to develop rapport, credibility and trust, with a clear focus on the successful delivery of the desired outcomes. Able to competently navigate complex environments, cultures and expedite time-critical matters, with governance appropriate to the organisational setting. 


Delivery experience across the whole project lifecycle, also comfortable to deliver specific phases: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing.

At the completion of the delivery, the contract for services is concluded.

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